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About Us


Hey there! Thanks for joining our adventures.

We are a family of four from Canada's North with a history, present and future filled with human-powered adventures. We are Ed and Jocelyn (whose mild-mannered alter-egos are a high-school teacher and Naturopathic Doctor), and super-cyclist sons Heron and Sitka (aged 16 and 14). We are always up for an epic journey!

Since our boys were infants, we have hiked and biked as a family through Canada, the United States and Hawaii, Cuba, South America, Oceania and Europe - 27 countries and counting!

On two occasions, we've booked off a half-year to explore a larger region on our trusty bikes : in 2016, we pedalled 6,000km  across New Zealand, Australia and French Polynesia. Then in 2022, we rode 10,000km through 20 countries in Europe - from Spain to Greece and Switzerland to Norway. Our two books on Bike Touring with Kids - Oceania Odyssey and Europe Epic are now available for your reading pleasure on Amazon. Help us share our stories by sharing our site and book with your friends and groups - and by leaving detailed reviews on Amazon!

Our next adventure in summer 2024 was supposed to bring us back to Europe for a bike tour around the Baltic Sea - but two broken arms on two different sons forced us to make a Great Pivot to the Italian and French Alps for a months-long hike instead. We are so excited to have you join us!

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