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About Us


Hi, thanks for joining our adventures!

We are a family of four from Canada's North with a history, present and future filled with human-powered adventures. We are Ed and Jocelyn (whose mild-mannered alter-egos are a high-school teacher and Naturopathic Doctor), and super-cyclist sons Heron and Sitka (aged 13 and 11). We are always up for an epic journey!

Since our boys were infants, we have hiked and biked as a family through Canada, the United States and Hawaii, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy and Spain.

In 2016 we had took a six-month, 6,000km family bike tour across New Zealand, Australia and French Polynesia. Our Oceania Odyssey is now available for your reading pleasure on Amazon. Help us share our stories by sharing our site and book with your friends and groups - and by leaving detailed reviews on Amazon!

Our next adventure will bring us on a 10,000km bike trip from Morocco to Oslo, from March to August 2022. We are so excited to have you join us!

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